Let's fight a system of abuse,

Let's change lives.

A young girl wakes up. It's midday and she’s missed school, but this is not a one off. This girl lives by the BR116 highway. Every night, she stands by the side of the road, waiting for lorry drivers to stop and give her a few coins to prostitute herself to them. She’s 11 years old and for her, this is life. Growing up abused from a young age by family members has made her numb to what’s happening. She sells her body to give her mother money for food or drugs or even sometimes a new top that she can feel special in.


Sadly, this story is all too common for communities living along the 4385 kilometre highway that stretches through Brazil. Tell My Story explores what life is like for these girls. It records them getting ready over 5 weeks to perform a theatre piece that will be shown to their community. The stories they tell to the crew are written down and taken on by representatives, allowing the girls to be heard but remain anonymous.


To make sure our work is effective, powerful and authentic we are working with a charity which works with the community we're in. MeninaDança works tirelessly with the vulnerable girls, particularly through teaching them dance.


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We've already shot a lot of footage for the documentary but are still working through it, making sure we show only what is safe and won't cause problems for the girls.


This film was created through a desire for change. We want to change the world, so we've started with Brazil, our director's home country. We want to make life better for people, and this time we're focusing on young women who seem to have been abandoned by the world. These photos are of people in the communities we're working with. Each one has a story, and knows first hand the need for things to be different.


To keep it simple, we have three main aims:

To empower young women who have been abused and get their story heard while keeping them safe.

To protect other young people who are at risk but don’t know it, teaching them what abuse is and how to deal with it.

Tell the story beautifully, creatively and in a manner which is powerful and bold. We want to see social change.


Our team is still growing, but we're really pleased with everyone who is already on board. They are all committed, passionate and experienced, and have everything it takes to make this film powerful and incredible!

Rogerio Muneron

Brazilian CO-Producer

Milo Cosemans


Joseph Ferreira Campos

Director and Producer

Timothy Last

Post Production Supervisor

Ricardo Saraiva


Carolyn Cheng

Graphic Designer

Tania Jacquier

Marketing and PR

Francine Kliemann

Theatre Teacher


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We're extremely passionate about this project, and about the people we're working with. If you too care about this situation, send us a message - whether it's encouragment, a business enquiry or questions, we'd love to hear from you.


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